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    Water purification causes cancer


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    Water purification causes cancer Empty Water purification causes cancer

    Post by KelvinNyota Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:32 pm

    Another clue that points to cancer is the Water purification system that we use. How is it possible? One, dirty water has chemicals and not all of them can be purified by artificial means. So what should we do? Use the water for bathing and washing, but not use it for cleansing utensils because, the same chemicals might be ingested when we use them. Next, when we're cleansing utensils, the soaps we use might be the cause of cancer because we don't rinse them properly. So, what should we do? Block the sink before we do the rinsing. And thirdly, we make sure that the utensils are rinsed with enough water.

    Just look at the amount of chemicals we have below

    Water purification causes cancer Dishes-in-Sink

    Now look at what the utensils should look like when they are cleansed properly.

    Water purification causes cancer Clean-utensils

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