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This is a health forum that talks about research papers and health problems that face Americans in terms of health like obesity, Arthritis, mental disorders, cancer and other chronic diseases.

    Food and chemicals


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    Food and chemicals Empty Food and chemicals

    Post by KelvinNyota Sun Apr 26, 2015 1:23 pm

    Recently, I have discovered that many Americans are not taking the right amount of fruits. It has been reported that cancer can be prevented by consuming alot of fruits and vegetables. But what do they like? They like drinking, smoking, spending hours at the beach, and taking unhealthy foods like Pizzas that have flavors that cause cancer, and Burgers that have extra flavorings; I suspect those flavors are the ones that cause Cancer! One way to beat the problem is to consume natural flavors than artificial ones affraid  

    Why don't Americans listen, they take beverages, but the same beverages are the ones that cause Cancer. Stop taking such Chemicals or you will die!

    I know that this picture is tempting but don't go grab a pizza

    Food and chemicals Olive-garden-is-going-to-start-serving-burgers-and-fries

    Take enough fruits after grabbing a bite, and make sure that you don't take more than twice a week.

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