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This is a health forum that talks about research papers and health problems that face Americans in terms of health like obesity, Arthritis, mental disorders, cancer and other chronic diseases.

    How to stay healthy and eat healthy


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    How to stay healthy and eat healthy Empty How to stay healthy and eat healthy

    Post by KelvinNyota Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:42 pm

    One way to stay healthy is to eat bananas for breakfast. You should never take tea with sugar if you're taking bananas and tea for breakfast. Always remember that bananas come with alot of sugar, and you should not take tea with sugar. That is the best way to stay healthy. Because of the increase of Diabetes, one is required to take less sugar. Don't eat bread as it comes with alot of sugar. It also comes with yeast or baking power for making it swell when it is baked. Baking powder or yeast is harmful to your health.

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