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    Artificial rain, forest fires, and cancer


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    Artificial rain, forest fires, and cancer Empty Artificial rain, forest fires, and cancer

    Post by KelvinNyota Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:25 pm

    Why is Artificial rain not being used to fight fires in the forests? Does artificial rain have an impact on how people develop cancer? Lets talk, and post your answers. For one, I know artificial rain is made from chemicals that cause the weather to rain.

    This process is known as cloud seeding and is an attempt to affect the amount precipitation that forms from the clouds. By shooting a chemical substance into the air, it forces the clouds to condense, and form ice nucleus that alter the micro-processes of the clouds. Experts use a mixture of
    30 kilograms of sodium chloride mixed with 200 liters of water and spread it over an area of 2,000 feet with an airplane.

    This method is used to cool down the temperatures, and to cause the weather to rain. But in order for this to happen, there must be big clouds with heavy moisture for this to happen.

    Artificial rain, forest fires, and cancer Cloud-seeding-artifical-rain-china-pollution

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